Shariah Law & Political Incorrectness | The Call Out S02 E01


Season 2. Episode 1.
As the focus continues to grow on Islam, Muslims and all that we stand for, we once again face into the issue of political correctness. Just as the banner of freedom of speech is often used to mask racism and bigotry so too is this issue of political correctness. Often the shrill of the most vocal islamophobes, with the rise of Trumpism, it has now become politically incorrect NOT to talk about Islam and Muslims.

In this episode of The Call Out, our first for the new year, we discuss the rise of Trump, the increasingly vocal right wing in Australia and the challenges any Muslim in the public sphere faces in responding to irrational and misleading claims. We consider what some of the underlying motives and hidden agendas may be and put some alternatives forward for how we should engage in these public debates.

Hosts: Ghaith Krayem and Almir Colan

Audio version (also available as a podcast via iTunes)