Welcome to The Call Out.

In the current political and social environment there is, has been, and will be much discussion about Islam and Muslims in the public sphere. Not all of this is accurate or based on correct information.  Our primary aim at The Call Out is to do exactly that… to call out those instances of misinformation, inaccuracies and out right lies and deceptions about our community.

What we also hope to do is to foster some important, or at least what we think are important, events, topics, issues for our community that warrant a closer and more in depth discussion than we think currently happens.

We are not community representatives nor are we the ‘voice’ of the community.  What we are, is conversation catalysts.  We want to challenge existing discussions and start new discussions.  We want to encourage the community, regardless of faith, to be better informed on critical issues and to Call Out those people in the public sphere who don’t think twice of using misinformation, deception or outright lies to continue to marginalise Muslims and use us as the lightning rod for their own self interest.


Ghaith Krayem (@ghaithkrayem)

Almir Colan (@almircolan)